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2010-10-15 08:08:46 by lycanfiend

In vain he attempted to speak; from that very instant his jaws were bespluttered with foam, and only he thirsted for blood, as he raged amongst flocks and panted for slaughter. His vesture was changed into hair, his limbs became crooked; a wolf,-he retains yet large trace of his ancient expression, hoary he is as afore, his countenance rabid, his eyes glitter savagely still, the picture of fury.

Itchy Trigger Finger (song)

2010-10-15 08:01:09 by lycanfiend

I got a new toy and an itchy trigger finger
You better turn and run because you`re in danger!

Put the barrel to your face and load it up and release the hammer to watch your head blow up!

You have no idea how much I hate you and I`m gonna pull this trigger and put an end to you...because!

I got a new toy and an itchy trigger finger
You better turn and run cuz you`re in danger!

Blam! there you go and no one gives a damn x3

Put the barrel in your mouth and say goodbye because today is your lucky day to die.

Blam! there it went you`re on the ground and no one gives a shit! x3

here`s your double barrel surprise and its directly in your eyes, you are my enemy the one that i despise! and pretty soon your only friends will be the flies!


Weird Al - I'll Sue Ya!

2010-10-14 04:35:39 by lycanfiend

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Weird Al is just cool


2010-10-12 05:45:51 by lycanfiend

There was this dude
Who was quite rude
So I asked him to lose his attitude
He called me a jerk and wished me dead
So there he lays now with a knife in his head!